Advancing America’s Leadership in AI

Watch Nasdaq’s Ed Knight, Google’s Kent Walker, Intuit’s Kerry McLean, Pindrop’s Rahul Sood, and Scale AI’s Michael Kratsios discuss advancing America’s leadership in AI during a TechNet Day panel with The Hill.

TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore Joins Cheddar to Discuss AI

Linda Moore joined Cheddar to talk about how AI is improving our lives and growing our economy, the need for risk-based AI policies that ensure the U.S. continues to lead on AI, the State of the Union, and her 10 years leading TechNet.

TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore Joins the Washington AI Network to Discuss AI for America

Linda Moore joined the Washington AI Network podcast to discuss the AI for America initiative, the need to get AI policy right, and the growing patchwork of state data privacy laws.

The Global Race to Develop and Regulate Artificial Intelligence

TechNet and AI for America sponsored an event with the Washington Post to discuss the latest efforts to govern artificial intelligence, America’s technological competitiveness, and innovative use cases for AI.

This is AI

AI is helping us work smarter and live longer. It is being used by doctors to detect cancer before it spreads, by scientists to predict severe weather to keep us safe, and by law enforcement to prevent fraud in real time.

What If

Artificial intelligence (AI) is empowering Americans like never before. AI is helping us work smarter and live longer. If we work together to develop AI responsibly, the future won’t be ‘what if,’ it will be ‘what can we do next.’

TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore Joins Scripps News to Discuss AI Executive Order

Linda Moore spoke with Scripps News about how policies regulating AI must address its risks while ensuring we’re making the most of its benefits for all Americans.

TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore Joins Nextstar to Discuss AI’s Benefits

Linda Moore talked with Nexstar about AI’s many benefits, from medical breakthroughs to predicting severe weather, and how lawmakers can build on existing laws to ensure AI’s benefits outweigh the risks.

TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore Discusses AI Regulation on “Morning Rush”

Linda Moore joined “Morning Rush” to discuss the regulations needed to maximize AI’s benefits while minimizing its risks.

AI For Good

TechNet’s AI for Good event brought together policymakers, industry leaders, and subject matter experts to discuss how AI is revolutionizing how we live and work, and what smart regulations around AI could look like. Learn more here.