AI for Agriculture

Farmers and agricultural producers are increasingly turning to AI, using it to enhance productivity, efficiency, and food security through more accurate yield predictions, pest and disease detection, food loss and waste reduction, and improved scale management strategies that assist farm, forest, and ranch managers in decision-making. There are over 200 AI-based agricultural startups in the U.S. alone, helping farmers decrease water consumption, improve food quality, and effectively manage pest control.

Helping Fruit Farmers Maximize Production

Scale AI and Orchard Robotics

Fruit farmers lose billions of dollars annually because they lack the data needed to manage crops precisely.  Scale AI and Orchard Robotics developed an AI-driven precision crop management system that helps farmers prevent these losses by optimizing inputs like fertilizer, pesticides, and thinners for each tree to achieve maximum production.  Using tractor-mounted, AI-powered camera systems, Orchard Robotics collects precision data about every tree single tree in an orchard and uses an AI model to extract insights from terabytes of image data on the Orchard OS software platform, allowing farmers to act on this data directly by integrating it with existing farm operations. 

Minimizing Environmental Damage


The growing impact of climate change could further cut crop yields, especially in the world’s most food-insecure regions. Israeli startup AgroScout uses AI to monitor crop development in real-time, to more accurately plan processing and manufacturing operations across regions, crops, and growers. By utilizing AI technology, AgroScout detects pests and diseases early, allowing farmers to apply precise treatments that reduce agrochemical use by up to 85%. This innovation helps minimize the environmental damage caused by traditional agrochemicals, making a positive contribution towards sustainable agriculture practices.

Improving the Well-Being of Dairy Cows


Canthus’ innovative AI system utilizes facial recognition technology to track and monitor the behaviors and activities of dairy cows. By installing cameras in barns and leveraging AI algorithms, Canthus provides dairy farmers with valuable insights and data into the lives of each individual cow, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding cow health, feeding practices, and overall farm productivity.

Improving Soil Management and Crop Yields

Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to provide growers with actionable intelligence regarding soil microbiology and chemistry, enabling farmers to maximize crop yields.

Trace Genomics develops molecular assays for soil and seed-borne pathogens, which enables the detection of pathogens and beneficial organisms simultaneously. The company’s assay is based on genetic sequencing technology, enabling strain-specific identification. Trace Genomics uses artificial intelligence techniques used in fraud detection and data science to identify microbes and genetic mutations that cause or protect from disease, enabling insights into soil health and methods to increase crop quality, including yield and shelf life.