Learn How AI is Moving America Forward

AI for Jobs

AI has the potential to create jobs, spur economic prosperity, and enhance productivity. Studies show that AI will complement 63 percent of U.S. jobs, freeing workers up to focus on doing their work more effectively and efficiently. Thirty percent of jobs will be unaffected by AI. This technology is a tool for workers to use, and it will help pave the way for a stronger, better American workforce.

AI for Cybersecurity 

Each cybersecurity intrusion puts the integrity of financial markets, national security, and utility services at risk, threatens businesses, especially small ones, and violates civil liberties through personal data theft and stolen identity. AI can help protect public and private institutions, Americans’ personal data, and our economy writ large from cybercriminals. AI is being used to actively protect American devices from cybersecurity threats, keep cybercriminals at bay, automate threat detection, and respond more effectively than conventional software-driven or manual techniques to keep Americans safe.

AI is Improving Lives

AI is ushering in an age of accelerated productivity and greater prosperity. It offers us the opportunity to solve societal challenges, expand access to important services, and improve lives. AI is not only sparking innovation and creativity, it is leading us towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future.

AI is Transforming Healthcare

AI is an increasingly critical component of our healthcare ecosystem, and its potential applications are vast. Right now, AI is already being used to detect diseases earlier and more accurately. AI is also streamlining drug research and discovery processes in ways that could significantly reduce drug costs and the time it takes to bring new drugs to market. AI can help track the outbreak and spread of diseases more efficiently and effectively, allowing public health experts to engage in real-time modeling for managing and stopping epidemics and pandemics.

AI for Disaster Response 

Well before a natural disaster strikes, AI is being used to better predict threats, help first responders prioritize logistics, plan disaster responses, and even suggest ways of reducing the impact of future disasters. AI is enhancing our ability to prepare for and mitigate disasters before they occur by improving forecasts of hurricane tracks, tornados, floods, wildfires, and other weather threats.

AI for Agriculture 

Farmers and agricultural producers are increasingly turning to AI, using it to enhance productivity, efficiency, and food security through more accurate yield predictions, pest and disease detection, food loss and waste reduction, and improved scale management strategies that assist farm, forest, and ranch managers in decision-making. There are over 200 AI-based agricultural startups in the U.S. alone, helping farmers decrease water consumption, improve food quality, and effectively manage pest control.

AI for Climate 

Through enhanced monitoring and optimization, AI can aid in predictive, proactive, and reactive action against climate change. AI is used to monitor and mitigate the current impacts of climate change more efficiently, and experts predict that AI could precipitate scientific breakthroughs to help combat climate change and global warming. AI can help optimize solar and wind farms, simulate climate and weather, and advance carbon capture and power fusion breakthroughs. AI is also helping to decrease auto emissions by increasing efficiency and optimizing the performance of shared, electric, and autonomous transportation.

AI for Education

AI tools are supporting students and teachers in the classroom. AI can analyze student data and adapt to their learning styles, providing feedback and recommendations that are tailored to their individual needs and abilities. By helping to personalize learning experiences, AI can keep students engaged and motivated and can lead to improved academic performance.

TechNet AI for Transportation 

AI is revolutionizing the transportation sector by introducing innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. From autonomous vehicles and rideshare services to traffic management and flight route enhancement, AI is making America more mobile, improving commerce, and helping us travel faster and smarter.

AI is Keeping Us Safe

AI is providing Americans with new and innovative tools to make our communities safer. AI is being leveraged across sectors to prevent crime and fraud, crack down on illegal drugs, improve emergency response systems, and ensure that communities across America have access to safe drinking water and clean living environments.